Saturday, July 12, 2008

Room Cleaning

A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I spent several days cleaning her room. It is exhausting work and I can't stand to direct more than a couple of hours per day. The first day my daughter was quite helpful, the next few days lead to pouting and a definite lack of effort. She had to miss a dance class and a swim meet because of her behavior. She did regroup and helped to finish cleaning the room with a good attitude.

I convinced her to move her pet rocks back to their natural habitat. They had been "living" in individual straw baskets with little blankets. These baskets were jammed up on the floor against the bed. My daughter the lover of nature knows they will be so much happier in their habitat and it would add to the decor of our garden. my daughter said that the rocks needed to be together so they wouldn't get lonely.

Once the youngest boy finishes summer school, we'll tackle his room. He is less cooperative and helpful than his sister. His crying and pouting is about equal to hers. He can't part with anything and he collects everything. We affectionately call him Junk Boy.

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