Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Family Visits

As one family group left, we began eagerly awaiting the visit of more family. This time Doug's brother and sister-in-law would fly here for a week long stay. Sleeping arrangements were simpler the basement family room and futon would work. Still we wondered what type of entertainment would be best. We do have some places of historical interest, a couple of universities to visit, and some specialty shops in two local downtown areas, as well as some nice outdoor state parks.

The kids were hoping for another day off from school. Not to happen this time with the end of the year looming. We are fortunate that our kids have such good health and that we don't have them miss school for a variety of non-health related reasons. Even their routine medical appointments are scheduled well in advance so appointments can be kept after school hours. So the rare special event that comes up allows us the the luxury of allowing them to miss school (like a trip to Chicago).

The kid's Aunt and Uncle arrived during Doug's week off from school. The spring term had just ended and the summer term wouldn't being for another week. They would be here during the youngest's student dance concert. She was thrilled knowing that her Aunt and Uncle would attend not just one but both of her concerts. One day's entertainment covered!

It seemed that Mike and Lynne enjoyed hanging out and wandering around the twin cities. Doug's schedule allow him the most quality time of the family and often accompanied them on their day trips. Doug also went to Chicago with them. They got to explore the Navy Pier more thoroughly than we have ever done and they took a boat tour on Lake Michigan. The youngest son got a surprise day off due to vandalism at his school. So he was able to go to the Lincoln Museum with his Aunt and Uncle. Since he is the only one in our family to have previously visited the museum he was hopefully able to share some good insights. The rest of us spent the evenings visiting with them and hearing about their day, often adding our two cents about our likes and dislikes. The oldest son ended up working at the zoo during the weekend, so we all went to the zoo. We caught the oldest on his lunch break and snapped a picture of him with his Uncle and Aunt. Each child had a special time with Mike and Lynne.

Just recently I burned our pictures of our time together to CD. I regret that I didn't get more pictures of the kids and Doug with Mike and Lynne. I have no pictures of the youngest boy with his aunt and uncle. I need to do a better job of thinking about what pictures I'd like to get and make those controlled photo opportunities happen. The spontaneous ones will be icing on the cake. I need to do a better job of remembering to get more family moment snap shots. I always have my small digital camera in my purse for any occasion and now tend to carry my larger camera often. I find that even if I think I won't want or need to take pictures an opportunity arises when I'm glad I have my camera handy.

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