Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 6- Grout

On day 5 we had no trouble picking out grout for the tiles. Doug and I immediately narrowed it down to two colors/shades of tan. We then pretty quickly picked the color. Day 6 the men came back and grouted the floor. We were all home from school, since it was Good Friday. I left after their arrival to go to school and complete some work, thus staying out of the way. I took the dog and youngest child with me, guaranteeing a better work environment for the men.

Later in the day, the oldest child calls me wanting to move back downstairs now that the tile work is finished. I tell him no. We were told that we had to stay off the floor after they grouted it. The oldest proceeds to tell me that our contractor has stopped by the house and is walking on the floor and he said we could now walk on the floor. Yea!! We were free to use the whole house again.

The garbage can was the first item returned to the kitchen.

We would be without cabinets and the stove until Monday, when our contractor's crew would return those items to their spot. We still didn't have full kitchen uses, but we could access the whole house, use the microwave, get to the upper cabinets, and set-up the kitchen table and chairs.

In addition to getting our kitchen back in order Monday (Day 8), we were getting a new dishwasher. Our old one had been giving us trouble for over a year. Finally the problem was more frequent than not, so we gave up using the dishwasher in November '07. We had gone without replacing the dishwasher because we had other more pressing needs and desires.

I should have taken pictures once everything was back in place but I wanted it all to be perfect. The last think left was to rehang the curtain over the sliding the glass door. We had now come full circle. We replaced the broken door, which then lead to the whole floor replacement plan. We had not had the curtain up since early January.

The problem with putting up the curtain now was that the middle support bracket was missing. I know that when the workers replaced the door they took down the bracket and I am positive that it was sitting on the china cabinet. Where did it go when we removed everything from the kitchen??? Good question! I finally gave up looking for it and after three shopping trips I found a type of bracket that was long enough and strong enough to hold up the curtain.

I think I got the curtain up right before my sister's family came to visit, the first week of April. Now I'm ready to take pictures but my kitchen is always a mess. It is the hub of our family. From homework area, to the storage of extra school books & supplies, and craft area it certainly is a cluttered space. Hopefully, now that I am in blogging mode again, I will straighten up the kitchen by the end of the weekend and take pictures for the site.

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