Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 5- Tile

O.K. let's wrap this up. On day five, my birthday, the tile men came in and began the process of tiling the floor. They were amused with the dog print in the cement. They tiled right over it. Now it's our own little time capsule. One day when someone else redoes the floor they will have a little memento.

In my opinion tiling was a very smooth process. They did a great job laying out the chocolate glass tiles. I believe we had twelve of them. They guys laid out the pattern, got Doug's feedback, and cemented it in. When I came home from school they were almost to the dining room entrance.

I have to say that it looks beautiful. I agonized over tile textures, colors, shades of color, and pattern it terms of how aesthetically pleasing it would be and how it would one day impact the sale of our house.

We still had to stay off the floor.

Some of the accommodations we made included turning the sofa table into a medicine cabinet. Most of our daily medicines are kept one of the kitchen cabinets so that we can dispense them at breakfast time before we all head out for the day.

Without a kitchen our eating habits changed. We used as much disposable ware as possible since we didn't have access to the kitchen sink. A few things were washed out in the bathroom sink.

We tried to eat breakfast at home, eating cereal and pop tarts. We kept the toaster handy on an apple shaped folding table (like a TV tray only made of wood with the top cut in the shape of an apple). Luckily the refrigerator was in the dining/computer room so we had access to milk.

Lunches were eaten at school/work. Dinners were eaten out. We had our fill of eating out for dinner. It gets hard to find places we all like to eat at. All of the kids have very distinct eating preferences. The end of this project is very near.

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