Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Warriors

This holiday weekend we decided to fix/finish our flower garden that runs the length of the back of our house. We've been attempting to tame and revitalize this garden for the past two years.

Our first summer here we removed a couple of dead bushes and in the fall we planted a lot of tulip bulbs. After that the dandelions took over. We seem to concentrate on our other gardens and then finally get to this one in mid-July. By August we are gearing up for school and sometimes a vacation so there goes the garden work.

Mother's Day weekend we were going to work on the back garden. I had bought some irises from the garden sale at school. I wanted to get them in the ground and not leave them in bags to die. They needed to go in the side garden where I have been slowly adding plants. Doug came and helped and decided that we needed to finish this garden by adding a border, mulch, and more plants. I insisted that the border be as level and straight as possible, so there went my plans for working on the backyard garden. This garden was pretty easy to work with because there were very few weeds and the soil was generally pretty soft. Here is our finished product.

After rehearsals, school projects, student dance concerts, baccalaureate, and on-line course development we were ready for the next yard project over the long holiday weekend. Last summer Doug and I hoed and pick axed out the weeds and the rock hard soil. We were on the verge of getting the bed ready and then we quit.

This year the weeds are not as bad yet but getting their foothold and the soil is once again rock hard. I felt like we needed a tiller to help break up the soil. Never having used a tiller, I did not realize what a workout that would be.