Monday, July 28, 2008

A Story From Project One

Doug reminded me of an occurrence that happening as a result of cleaning the laundry room and organizing the photos and mementos. I needed to put away pictures from the past two years and to sort the mementos according to each person. I had odds and ends everywhere. Some items were on the shelf beside the picture boxes, some were mixed in with the records that needed to be files, some (the most recent were on the baker's rack in the kitchen), and some were on a little white table in the corner of the family room space in the basement.

This table is sometimes used as a craft table or a research table. Doug and I have used it to lay out our articles and books when we are writing a paper. Some of my Creative Memories stuff was on the table, a shoebox filled with negatives that I had found in a storage box, journals, magazines, and research books littered the table. As I cleaned and organized, at points I would think ahh I'm done. I would then find another stack of stuff that needed to be sorted. I'd sort and clean that little stack and again think ahh I'm done. I then ventured to the table and found the books and journals. I placed them in their assigned spot on the book shelf and thought wasn't there something else on that table. I got the negative, bought a photo box, and organized the negatives. Ahh I'm done.

Well I went back to the table and under my Creative memories stuff were some cards and pictures. Oh no, back to the memento and photo boxes. I was tired of this tedious job. The cards turned out to be sympathy cards from when Don, Doug's dad, passed away a year ago. I decided to place those in Doug's memento box. As I was straightening them up, some still had envelopes with them other didn't, one just jumped out at me. I don't know what it was about this card but I felt compelled to open it. As I opened it something flutter out and I tried to grab it. I reached down and picked up the piece of paper from off the chair where it had landed and it was a check. One of Doug's friends had written a check to an existing Middle Level Education Major Scholarship that we had designated as donation place in memory of Don. It had been in that card all year and was now sitting in a corner of the basement. It seems so weird that the only card I opened up was one that had money in it. None of the other still had checks (believe me I went back and checked them all). Strangely enough this person had invited us to his house for a Fourth of July party something he hasn't done before. Doug shared the story with him, gave him back the check, and he wrote a new one to be added to the scholarship.

Now, ahh I'm done.

I'll add a picture of my photo shelf tomorrow. Doug wonders why I haven't added many photos lately.


Cathy said...

why am I the only one who leaves comments? Does anyone else see these?

Homerun Hatch Family News said...

I don't know. Every once in a while Patty leaves one. Your mom can't seem to make her comments work. Maybe you can teach her.