Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer List- Project Two

Item two on the summer list hasn't been started. I was waiting for Doug's classes to end so he could give me a hand with organizing and cleaning the garage. I mostly need to reorganize the shelving unit.

I did gather and sort the items that we no longer want. We tend to toss the items that we have outgrown, replaced, or just don't want anymore in the front of the garage closest to the house. My little girl's dance company is going to have a garage sale so they began to collect and store items for the sale. I folded the clothing items and placed them in shopping bags for the garage sale and threw away some items that weren't fit for others to wear. I sorted the household items and bagged them for the sale too. I loaded the stuff in the van and then swept out the garage. It looks better but this part was not in my project plan. I'm thinking this project may be an early fall project.

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