Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer List

You know how I like my lists and how I tend to lose those lists. I need to keep my lists in my PDA/phone. Last night I typed a message to myself in the memo section of my PDA and found all kinds of memos I had placed in there at least 7-10 years ago. No my phone isn't 10 years old. My first PDA is 10-15 years old and it was/is wonderful. Its system is compatible with both the PC and Mac and as a dual platform user that was so important. My new phone is compatible as well and it system synced with my PDA transferring all my PDA stuff over to my phone.

The memos I found had old passwords to the many different websites I used to use for work as well and my friend Gina's passwords as we often work together on projects. My favorite memo was the website for the belly mask. What is the belly mask? It is a kit to make a plaster mold of your pregnant belly. I just love this concept. I wish it had been an idea I was familiar with when I was pregnant with my babies. I wanted to make a mold of my sister's belly and paint it as a gift to her. For some reason she wanted nothing to do with this. Go figure! Anyway I still have the website for the kit stored in my phone.

O.K. I digress from my topic. In May when Mike and Lynne were here, I began my summer list of things to do. As a lesson learned from past experiences; I wanted to keep my list within the realm of what could reasonable be accomplished.

Here is my list:

1. Laundry Room
2. Garage
3. Slide Show
4. Album
5. Backyard- 3 days a week
6. Ceiling
7. Family Tree

I committed most of these to memory as they had been on my mind for a long time. So over the past two months as I have misplaced my May list I still had many of the goals in the forefront of my mind. I just found my list again this week, somehow it ended up in my briefcase and when I went to school to work this week I found it.

Note to self: remember that other projects creep up that are not on the planned list. Plan/budget time for the unplanned projects. What exactly are these projects? How many have I finished? You'll have to wait for the next installment as other are clambering for the computer and I'm off to one of those unplanned projects.

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