Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer List- Projects Three and Four

Summer list projects three and four are somewhat linked. In March I began remaking Doug's 40th birthday album. My oldest son's trip to Costa Rica brought me in contact with a Creative Memories Rep. and I renewed my interest in scrapbooking. Besides repairing Doug's album was lost past due. I had hopes of finishing the album by the end of April but it was put aside until June.

In May as the school year was ending, I was also getting sections of college classes ready for Internet delivery. This is contract work that I do for the Middle Level Program in the College of Education. The classes would run from Mid-May till the end of June. Once the courses are ready to go I then monitor them and troubleshoot technology issues while the professors teach the course. There is a considerable amount of front end work and then less intense work as the courses get underway. Most days I would spent the first part of the morning checking on the course and working on my project and then the last part of my waking evening checking on the courses and working on my project. The morning time is when I began to notice the daily routine of the finches outside my window.

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