Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where have all my babies gone?

Last week my lovely husband told me that in about two weeks I would be the mother of a houseful of teenagers. Assuming that he wasn't talking about adopting a bunch of teenagers, I'm guessing that he means that all three of my babies will be teenagers, for about three months. The oldest will turn twenty in October. I'm not sure which fact freaks me out the most. Can one still be twenty-something and have teenagers?

Another reminder that my babies are growing up happens as I check the mail each day. We receive packets and postcards on a daily basis from colleges all over the United States addressed to T-man. As T-man mentions the possibility of attending an out of town school and even an out of state school, I've been having those moments of panic. How am I going to let him go? Mimi is already scheming to turn his room into a sewing room. While I'm right there with her, I'm wondering if he wouldn't mind sleeping in our sewing room.

Today we took him to have his senior pictures taken. When the letter arrived with a date and time for yearbook photos, I told T-man that he would need to dress well for the photos. That meant a suit or sports coat and tie. He put up a weak fuss but knew I was right. He was a very good sport about participating in the shopping process. I also suggested getting a hair cut even thought he just recently got one. I got the NO! Oh well, a mom's got to try.

He did agree to letting me snap a few pre-studio shots. I took a number of those just one more shot. As I told him I was done, I decided I wanted a full length shot. As he began to walk away, I said, "Wait just one more." He said mom you say that and then you take a bunch of pictures. I told him three more and limited myself to that. This is his humor his mom smile.
I thought it was quite timely that the day after the ZZ Top concert, I have my own homegrown "sharp dressed man". He cleans up pretty well don't you think! We raved about how handsome he looked. Mimi just stared at him. When we arrived at the studio the photographer and the photographer's wife complimented him for dressing so nice for his senior pictures. The photographer even shook his hand. We have our annual Christmas photo taken by this photographer and he suggested that we do a formal Christmas photo this year with all the guys in suits, fancy dresses for the girls. I'll have to pull out my pearls for this one. Sounds like a plan.


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Thanks. I'm glad you like it!