Thursday, June 24, 2010

From Quilting to ZZ Top

In early May I bought tickets for the four of us to see ZZ Top in concert. Doug was particularly excited to see them. Since I did such a good job getting prime tickets for another concert I was left in charge of purchasing tickets while Doug attended the college's spring commencement. I managed to navigate the on-line system and get tickets.

In true form I ended up overbooking myself. In late May I signed up for another quilting class, Quilting Basics 2. It turned out that the second Wednesday class was the same night as the concert and the following week I would not be in class because we booked a family day trip to Chicago. So basically I paid for a three week class and would not only attend one week. In addition there are things I need to learn and practice which is why I signed up for the class. What to do?

I thought about not going to the concert and finding a friend who would like to go to ZZ Top with my guys. Doug wasn't wild about this idea and besides I wanted to do both. So I decided to go to the first two of my three hour class then head over to the concert venue. I would miss the opening band but get to see ZZ Top.

In an effort to get the most out of my class, I worked like crazy to get my homework completed and then more. This particular quilt pattern is harder than the basic squares I've been doing. It was quite the challenge for the perfectionist. After ripping and resewing several times, I finally had to accept that there would be a few places that were not up to my standards. I'll have to make another table runner with this pattern before I'm ready to venture into something bigger.

I got to class and worked. About an hour before I was to leave a storm came up and it poured. I knew that I would get soaked getting into the concert, but what's a little/lot of rain compared to seeing ZZ Top. One of the gals from class offered to drop me off at the concert so I wouldn't get so wet. I hadn't even thought about leaving my car and getting someone to drop me off. So we stayed until a half hour before class ended. She got to a good stopping point and then we headed off. What a nice person!

I arrived at the concert dry and during the intermission prior to the start of ZZ Top's performance. As the music started I was so glad that I went. It's interesting to note that the same three original band members are still together and they have been performing for over four decades. Billy's and Dusty's beards must be forty years old. When Mimi saw the pictures we took, she asked if those beards were real. I unfortunately did not get the chance to verify the realness of those beards. I'm thinking they could donate them to locks of love.

I'm guessing that the coliseum has given up trying to keep people from taking pictures. With camera phones it's pretty hard to keep people from snapping a few. Once again my baby purse camera came in handy. ZZ Top had a very brightly lit stage so the lighting was great for photos. I didn't exactly score the best floor seats. It was very hard for me to consistently see the stage so Doug took most of the pictures. He got some fantastic ones.

Rock on!! Cuz every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

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