Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer To Do List

I know you have eagerly been awaiting my summer to do list. It's a lot like the top 10 most popular Christmas gifts. I had begun to formulate my list in my mind in May before school was out. I though I would write it out and post it before school ended but there was no time. Then last week I contemplated not having a list at all. Unfortunately I feel adrift in a sea of projects and organizing. I need my list!!

Here it is in no particular order.
  • Finish scanning Hatch family slides and fix the ones that are reversed.
    - The last box and baggy of assorted slides has sat on my Victrola collecting dust for a year (sigh two?). I'm in a clean it all up mode so I need to finish this and put them away in their proper place. Doug has the vision and music for this show, so I think I'll just be the production assistant.

  • Scan photos of my (baby) sister. Close your eyes Cathy if you are reading this.
    - My mom gave me photos at Spring Break and I pulled photos from my albums. I need to pull some from my 1990-2010 containers. Then I can scan them and make her a 40th birthday slideshow movie.

  • Create a slideshow movie of our church construction photos.
    - This is a bit of a challenge since I believe that I have at least one thousand photos, seriously one thousand. I probably have 800-900 favorites. I need to focus and think of my target audience. Focus, focus, focus.

  • Paint kitchen fridge area.
    - In November, we bought a new big refrigerator. We had the cabinet above the old refrigerator removed so that I could get the largest fridge possible. The empty space is just unpainted drywall. I also need to trim down the baseboard piece that was removed, to get the fridge in it's space , and nail it back in place.

  • Paint the repaired wall spaces in T-man's bedroom.
    - In doing the serious deep cleaning of T's pit I found mold in two places on his wall. One area was large and disgusting. Doug called the contractor for me since I was in a panic. Our contractor came over, assessed the situation, and was able to fix and solve the problem. Now I need to paint the patches and then his room will be great.

  • Paint the bathroom off of Doug's and my bedroom.
    - I would call it a Master bathroom but that is way to generous for this tiny space. After painting our bedroom during holy week, the bathroom became the next needed project. I have a whole blog story for this. We'll only need to buy curtains and hang our photos to have this room finished.

  • Finish Mimi's room.
    - Last summer I painted her room. I still need to paint the shelves that were in her room and get them back up on the wall so I can empty her two knick knacks boxes (that are on the floor in her room). Buy curtain rods. Embellish the curtains I bought in December for her room so that I can hang them on the rods I'm going to buy. Then clean, clean, clean. No mold please!

  • Hard Rock Pin Cases
    - I have three pin cases that were birthday gifts a year ago (big sigh). I need to get the pins out of my armoire and into the cases for display.

  • Quilting
    - I took another basic quilting class in May and learned a lot about finishing a quilt. This class took me further that the fall Jr. college class. With this knowledge I'm an evening away from finishing my Halloween quilt. I'm ready to begin the prep work to finish T-man's quilt. I'll probably have to go and see my teacher for one or two reminders. That place where everyone knows your name, well for me that is the Sewing Studio. I told T-man last night that the binding work for his quilt will be my best work yet. Wasn't his Christmas gift from 2009 worth the wait?

    I have two small wedding quilts to make and finish by August. I'm waiting on some specific material that I ordered.

  • Gardening
    - Gardening is always on the list. It's a nice escape when I'm feeling out of sorts. I just go and pull weeds, dig, and rearrange stuff. It's the best free therapy.
My list is all about closure. Remember that New Year's resolution of seeing thing to completions. I want completely finished rooms and projects.

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