Thursday, June 3, 2010

Locks of Love

Mimi has struggled with keeping her long hair tangle free. There are times when parts are almost matted. She has the Medusa look going. I kept hoping that as she entered middle school she would become more conscious of her hair and work on keeping it neat. But alas she seem to be one of those that is comfortable walking to her own beat. I suspect that she has a little bit of Asperger's in her.

She can't stand to have her hair brushed. I mean really brushing the tangles out not just brushing the surface of her hair as she likes to do. I really believe that she has a very sensitive scalp because I am as gentle as humanly possible when it comes to brushing her hair. I use a variety of brushes, combs, and detangling products to no avail. I still get tears and the stop you're hurting me. I need a Valium before brushing her hair unfortunately my doctor won't prescribe any. Instead I'm reduced to deep cleansing breaths and loads of patience. We have threatened and insisted that she cut her hair or take better care of it. All we get are tears and foot stomps.

I've finally gotten to the point where she will let me shampoo, condition, untangle shampoo, condition, brush, and dry her hair. I try to once a week get her in the bathtub so I can take care of her hair. In May right before a class trip to Chicago, I once again washed her hair. As I was washing, I began a new tack to get her to consent getting inches cut off of her hair.

I began with how lovely her hair is. In the water it fans out like a mermaid's. Now I know what you are thinking; how many mermaids have I seen. Other than Ariel (of Disney) I have not had the pleasure of seeing a mermaid. One of my GA preschoolers indicated that the mermaids lived in Ireland (I'm guessing off the coast of Ireland). I'm sure that Mimi's hair would rival any mermaids. Anyway, I told her how some child who had no hair because of cancer or other illnesses would love to have nice thick dark hair like ours. Maybe she should consider one day donating hair to locks of love.

When her hair is brushed and managed it truly is beautiful. As a ballet dancer I know that there is a desire and need to keep her hair long. But it is an overwhelming battle to manage.

Anyway right before school ended Mimi indicated that she was ready to get her hair cut and donate the inches to locks of love. We looked up the information about donating and measured her hair, hoping that we would still be able to pull her hair up into a bun. I made an appointment with our hairdresser and yesterday she got ten inches cut off. We can't quite get it into a ponytail and bun; but I think by October, when the next stage ballet performance will occur, her hair will be long enough. She was so excited and happy about the whole experience.

I took lots of pictures. We joke that she now looks like me only taller. She is waiting to surprise her ballet buddies so she won't let me post a picture yet. On Sunday we go to the studio to view a recorded version of Don Quixote. They will perform this ballet in the fall. So stay posted and Sunday or Monday I'll reveal her new look.

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