Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thinking of Salsa

In May we discovered that our sixteen year old cat Salsa was dying. T-man felt some lumps and we rushed Salsa to the vet. At the time the lumps were not cause for alarm and blood work for various cat diseases and organ functions were were fine. What was concerning was Salsa's weight loss in the past year. We returned home with Salsa with the idea that a change in food might be the only thing Salsa needed.

Little did we know that this was the beginning of the end for Salsa. As the days progressed it became evident that Salsa's hair was losing its luster and he was not his usual self. As I was in the middle of sewing dance costumes for the annual student concert, there was an abundance of tulle, netting, and tutus in various stages of costume completeness. Salsa was nowhere around. Typically Salsa could be counted on to rub up against the fabrics and even chew on them. Salsa would chase the bobbins that fell to the floor or even get on the table and pull spools of thread onto the floor to roll and and chase. It was clear that things were not well with Salsa.
(Here is Salsa in May of 2008. He managed to pull a tutu off the file cabinet while I was at work. He obviously enjoyed wearing it.) Within two weeks we were back at the vet's and it was determined that he was in kidney failure. Due to his advanced age the doctor did not think any of the possible medical interventions would give Salsa much more time or quality of life. So with a few shots to ease his pain we once again brought Salsa home. This time we knew he would die soon. Doug and I broke the news to the kids and hugged the criers. Our kids really have not known life without Sala as he was older than Mimi and a year younger than T-man. After a very long Memorial Weekend with Salsa not eating or drinking and laying listlessly we all said our good-byes to Salsa and Doug and I took Salsa back to the vet's to be put to sleep.

As with any loss little reminders were all around. We came across hidden socks and shoe strings that Salsa would tote around the house. Doug would sit and read the paper by the computer and gingerly move the chair and his feet expecting to find Salsa nestled at his feet. I had my moments when I thought I felt Salsa brush against my leg and when I thought I heard him jumping off the bed. Yet as the month has progressed the kids have slowly begun to wager the new pet requests.

Mimi after a week at Jr. Zoo Keeper Training wants a white rat. Absolutely not!!! Doug appeased her by saying one day when we get a cat, the cat and rat will not get along. So now I'm sure we'll here the "when are we going to get a cat" mantra next. My answer is no time soon. I'm at that point in my life where although cats are my favorite pet I really don't want to raise and care for one.

Today Dugger asked if he and his friend could get an iguana. I said sure if you buy it with your own money and it lives with your friend. Oh no they thought it could live in the basement at our house. Absolutely not!! Well it was either an iguana or an ostrich and they thought an iguana would be better. Dugger also thought that telling me they would name the iguana Salsa might pull at my heartstrings and sway me. Ha ha.

I was reluctant to post this in case some well meaning friend or sister decided to gift us with a pet. If you read this, do not feel sorry for us and give us a pet. I mean it. No more pets!!! I won't open the door if you have a box with holes, a bag of water with swimming critters, or an animal in your arms. Pet rocks?? Just leave them under the Japanese Maple with the other pet rocks that have moved from Mimi's room to the great outdoors.Baby Salsa in Americus, GA. We went to the pet store to buy tropical fish and got a free bag of cat food with the free kitten. We paid for the fish.


marciamayo said...

Oh, Salsa was an Americus kitty. I loved your posting, from the sadness of losing Salsa to the kid entreaties for a new pet. When a box with holes in it arrives from Portland Oregon, open it quickly.

marciamayo said...

not sure if my first comment made it. I loved your posting!

Homerun Hatch Family News said...

You might recognize this tune, "return to sender address unknown!"

Homerun Hatch Family News said...

The comments go to my e-mail first and then I allow them to be published.

patty said...

did you say you needed your sister to send a new pet!!!!!!!

Homerun Hatch Family News said...

No cat! No rabbit or anything else dear sister.

Homerun Hatch Family News said...

Yesterday we received a call from FedEx that we had to sign for a package. When could they drop it by? I said if what's in it is living then never.