Sunday, July 25, 2010

Swim Season: Blogging on Location

I couldn't resist the opportunity to blog on location. Two weeks ago I received my new work laptop computer. I'm getting use to toting around this portable technology. Today we are sitting outside the University's competitive level swimming pool. My computer is preset for this Internet system so I'm easily getting a wireless signal. Mimi's parks and recreation swim finals are going on. We were also here yesterday afternoon for the prelims. In the prelims, Mimi swam the backstroke, breaststroke, and the I.M. She qualified for finals in all three events and she will be in two relays today. So she will swim five events by the end of the afternoon. This is quite a feat since there have been many years with the boys and Mimi that they only swam in a relay event or not at all at conference. This is a reflection of the season she has had.

Yesterday we had a strong breeze that made the ninety degree heat bearable. The drawback to the wind was that several portable awnings blew over at times crashing into kids and onto other awnings. Luckily no one got hurt but several frames were ruined. We were also entertained by the teenage boys as they "cheered" on the teenage dance teams that walked by en mass on their way to their camp competitions. At one point we saw some of our swim boys walking out of the basketball arena across from us. One mom asked me what the boys were doing coming from the arena. I was like you've got to be kidding me. They obviously were in there watching the girls dance teams perform.

Mimi has had a fantastic swim season this year. She has had several best times throughout the season and even had two best times of the three events that she swam yesterday. She has enjoyed getting up in the mornings and heading off to the pool. She seems much more willing to push herself more, listen and apply constructive instruction from her coach and her dad. I don't offer instruction.

I just help send her off to her events on time, give hugs (love getting those wet sloppy hugs on those hot sweaty evenings), give back and shoulder rubs, and dispense the snacks. I'm also the official sunscreen police. I pack the sunscreen and end up applying it on my family. Mimi hates sunscreen and luckily she is blessed with a Mexican skin tone and typically does not burn. I am still an avid sunscreener in the hopes of preventing skin cancer. I do try to slather her with sunscreen much to her protests. I have literally held her down on the ground and put sunscreen on her until she gets too slippery and wiggles away. I always slather Doug as well (Mexican by marriage doesn't give him our skin tone), luckily I don't have to wrestle him to the ground. He has had enough sunburns to appreciate my attempts at protecting his skin. He needs more coating than most. I get the ears, neck, head, and tops of toes to name a few of the places that sunscreen is needed. Oh yea, and I photograph those swim moments.

Doug helps to get us out the door on time, makes sure our van is packed with our chairs, is the keeper of the concession stand money, and helps us stake out our base at the swim meets. He can often be found by the pool deck timing swimmers. Today he will be timing during the finals.

This swim season we have enjoyed hot weather, sometimes too hot. Last year was the year that we had those unseasonably cool evenings where we curled up in towels and wore sweatshirts. It was a struggle keeping Mimi warm. We had one swim meet called due to thunder and lightning. I was glad because we were also having quite a bit of rain. We made up that meet the next night. We then had one meet that was interrupted and delayed due to thunder and lightning. We have to go fifteen minutes without hearing thunder or seeing lightning before swimmers can re-enter the pool. At this meet we had to wait about forty-five minutes. The drawback to this is that it makes for a long night at the pool. We don't get home untill after ten pm.

This season we were fortunate to have my mom and my niece attend a swim meet. Lucky them to have their vacation coincide with one of Mimi's swim meets. We introduced my niece to the all-time favorite Illinois bake sale/concession food snack called puppy chow. I had never heard of or had puppy chow until we moved here. I swear you could have a sale with only puppy chow and make a fortune.

Our regular season ended with a 7-0 record. We'll still have some tough competition at finals so we'll see if we end up as conference champs for the 2010 season. Anyway we have our spirit wear, are tattooed up, and have Sharpied fins, bubbles, and in your face inspirational words. The favorite being "eat my bubbles." My dark blue nail polish dried up and I forgot to hunt for and buy some more this season, so there are no blue finger and toe nails.

Former Coach Brandon is leading the Shark kids in cheers to get them ready for the races!!!

It's a Happy New Day! Swim strong! Swim fast!


marciamayo said...

Wow Aggie, I can't believe how well you multitask. What a great post with pictures and all. This is actually what blogging is supposed to be.

Aggie said...

I did plan ahead and last night loaded some of the season's photos on my laptop. I see I made several grammar/spelling errors that need to be fixed. It's hard to proof balancing a laptop on your lap with sweat dripping down your body.

Homerun Hatch Family News said...

We earned 1st placed in conference. Mimi won two of her heats, the breast stroke and the free relay. Not sure if she had any best times.

DougH said...

I don't know why you wrote that you 'thankfully' did not have to wrestle me to the ground when you know full well that you would "love" to wrestle me to the ground...for lotion or other things. :-)