Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Energy Efficient Curtains

A little tidbit about energy efficient curtains. I ordered some new curtains in the fall for T-man's room. I had him choose from a couple of patterns that I thought would work well with his color scheme. The blurb in the catalog mentioned that the curtains were energy efficient. I thought that would be a bonus as T-Man's room seems to be the coldest in the house during the winter months.

When the curtains arrived I enlist T-man's help in removing the old curtains and putting up the new ones. I'm looking at the curtains and going hmmm. T-man wants to know why I'm commenting on the curtains. I tell him that they don't have a backing fabric so I'm surprised that they are considered energy efficient.

He looks at me like I'm an idiot and he is the smart one and says, "Duh mom, all curtains are energy efficient."
I'm thinking that he means that by having something covering the windows you naturally cut down on the outdoor elements penetrating beyond the window area. I say something like these are suppose to 30% more efficient.
T-man then says, " Mom curtains are 100% energy efficient. They don't use any energy."

How did I end up with such brilliant kids???

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