Sunday, January 11, 2009

Somebody Missed Us

When we returned home from our Christmas visit later in the morning we picked up our dog from the kennel. She is always excited and happy to see us, then later in the day she seems a bit down. The vet tells us that it is not unusual for pets to be out of sorts or depressed the first day or two back home.

Amber is not allowed to sleep on the beds. She actually sleeps under Doug and my bed. When she was a baby she got into the torn lining on the underside the box spring and would sleep hanging in the lining. As she grew she couldn't fit back in the lining so she sleeps in the same spot on the floor. She also has a doggy pillow in our room and uses that when the floor is cold.

T-Man likes to call her to his bed and have her give him kisses. He tends to try and grab her when she gets in his bed and she doesn't really care for that so she won't stay in the bed. Amber just jumps up on the bed, runs across T-Man, and jumps off the bed, with T-Man trying to get her to stay.

When T-Man went to bed that first night home Amber jumped into bed with him. I thought oh sure this won't last. I sorted the covers for T-man and covered him up. Amber stayed. I was able to snap a picture before Amber took off.

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