Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Second Winter Break

Now days we don't call Christmas Break, Christmas Break. We call it Winter Break. We truly had a winter break last week. We went to school Monday and Tuesday and then had the rest of the week off because of 1)snow and blowing wind (Wed.) and 2) extremely cold temperatures (Thurs. & Fri.). Then yesterday was MKL day thus an official holiday. We were home for six days. My dad said he could not begin to imagine how cold it was here. Some highlights:

1.) So cold that we didn't even venture outside Thursday.

2.) So cold we used electric heater in two of the bedrooms so the furnace heat wouldn't come on as much.

3.) So cold that the van in the garage would not start on Friday when we did venture out. We had to restart it later.

4.) So cold that the sodas, waters, and Power Aids froze in the garage. As I found out when I was cooking Sunday, so did the potatoes. Evidently they froze and later thawed. YUK!

5.) So cold that every time I let the dog out back I'd set the stove timer so I wouldn't forget to let her back in.

6.) So cold that I had to buy new gloves because my ski ones go ruined last year. (Now this is sure to create warmer temperatures.)

7.) So cold I began wearing Doug's large cozy cologne scented hooded sweatshirts at home. He broke down and bought me my own. I'll have to add the cologne or maybe have him break it in for me.

8.) So cold that I bought T-Man ski pants for a zoo outing on Monday. Interesting that on some of the coldest days in recent history the zoo group is bonding and building relationships to sustain them in the heat of Costa Rica.

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