Monday, December 8, 2008

Sneak Peak- Merry Christmas

On Thanksgiving Day, Friday, and Saturday Doug and I worked diligently to get the outdoor Christmas decorations up before the cold weather set in. Last year we were slipping on ice as we tried to string lights on the pines trees. It was so cold that the pine needles would scrape and cut or hands. Our hands were red, raw, and stiff from the cold. We kept having to go in and warm up. This year we only needed or sweatshirts and were able to work long into the late afternoon.I didn't take new pictures of the yard. So you'll have to look back at December 2007 to see what our decorated yard looks like.

Good thing we invested that time in the outdoor decorations because in the early hours of Sunday, December 1st we had a snow storm. The little girl was to perform down south with the dance company. She was one of several girls invited to dance with the professional company. We headed out at 4:30 in the morning in the midst of the storm. The roads were horrible. Doug drove 20 miles an our on the highway. After a couple of hours of snow, slippery slushy roads, and drivers unheeding the dangers of the weather, we finally turned around and went back home. It was just to dangerous to make the trip.

On the bright side our trees looked lovely with their white lights glowing in the new fallen snow. I wanted to get our annual Christmas Card photo taken in the late afternoon light in front of the trees but no one was available to take our photo. I was so desperate that I sent the girl across the street to see if her friend could take our picture. The neighbor girl wasn't home. On Monday my teaching assistant came to our rescue and stopped by the house after school and took our picture. Here is your sneak peak of our Christmas Card photo.

So here we are with our own yard as the backdrop. The first set of cards were mailed today and the others will going out soon.

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