Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When it rains it freezes

We were warned that we would have an ice storm Thursday afternoon and it may effect school on Friday. At school we pulled down decorations, helped the children finish cards, and wrap their family gifts. We sent these items home with our gift to each student just in case their was no school Friday, our last before the holidays. Now I believe that this would ensure that we would have school Friday.

I curled my daughter's hair for a ballet performance during the school day. Not an easy feat getting long, thick, straight dark brown hair in rollers to form banana curls. Her hair is so thick that before I would take them out Friday morning, we would use the blow dryer first to make sure her hair was completely dry.

She was not going to school Friday because she was going to perform excerpts of the Nutcracker for school children on a field trip. I also finished the last Arabian dancer's top so that it could be used in the daytime performance as well as the Saturday night full Nutcracker performance.

As the rain/sleet grew heavier and the lights flickered, I worked hard to finish as much of the top that I could using the sewing machine. I began to worry that I would lose electricity and have to finish sewing by hand. I finished by midnight and went to bed ready for a fun day at school.

I woke to the phone ringing. I knew instantly that our schools had been canceled. All of our school districts use an automated phone system to send out important messages such as school closures. Sure enough the oldest son's school was canceled and my school was canceled too. The roads were slick with ice, limbs had fallen and were still falling, and it was still sleeting. It was certainly treacherous weather.

We lost three big limbs from trees in the backyard. One landed on the roof. Luckily we had no damage to the house and never lost power. We stayed in till mid-afternoon. We had more concerns Saturday night as we were to get more sleet and winds up to 30mph. Once again we never lost power as we listened to ice breaking and banging against the house.

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