Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Like one of our Thanksgiving decorations? We found this canoe in Long Beach, WA. Doug and I knew it would be a great decorative addition, so we had it shipped home. This year I filled it with faux pumpkins and gourds. I wanted to add some greenery spilling out from the canoe, but time ran out before I began my hunt for greenery. Maybe next year.

We were off and running this past week. Sunday we attended the annual Festival of Trees; an event that raises money for an organization that helps with residential education of children with special needs, foster care placements, and adoptions. Our dancer was performing there with her ballet ensemble, a sneak peak of the two Christmas ballets they will perform in December.

Monday started us off with our annual family Christmas photo. It took all of 30 minutes and that included looking at the final images. We then rushed our daughter to dance class. We were reminiscing about previous years when the children were younger and were not as cooperative. We had to fuss, threaten, and bribe them to get a decent photo. Now we dress up, pop into the studio, get close (although two individuals don't get close to each other, we just keep them on different sides of the photo), put on some smiles and leave.

Tuesday Doug helped me deliver 80 something soup can turkeys to a local food pantry drop-off site. The kindergarten and fourth grade classes made turkeys from a brown paper lunch sack with a can of soup inside the bag.

We were all home on Wednesday. It was the first year the oldest did not have school the day before Thanksgiving. The teachers in the district had an institute day. Their school district asked if I would offer a presentation on the reading program we use at our school. I made two reading presentations at one of the workshop sites. I cooked pies on Wednesday night. My little girl made sugar cookies; the Pillsbury Dough kind.

Thursday morning Doug got up early to made his special stuffing. We baked a free range smoked turkey. It's our Thanksgiving indulgence. There is never much turkey left over. We had a quiet day. It is just our immediately family here. The kids played the Wii. The girl pulled out her knitting. We all gave thanks for our very blessed year. I hope you and your family had a relaxing, joyous, and a deliciously rich meal this Thanksgiving.

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