Thursday, February 25, 2010


Mimi with a borrowed tutu and tiara for her competition dress rehearsal.

Mimi had been working on two dance pieces for an international dance competition in Chicago. She began working on her classical piece in the summer and then in December began her contemporary piece. Her classical piece was the variation of Blue Bird, Princess Florine, from the ballet Sleeping Beauty. Her contemporary piece was choreographed, by her dance teachers, to the music Abracadabra by Steve Miller.

The Blue Bird variation required a Classical Russian Flat Tutu. Her dance teacher was positive I could make this, so I ordered patterns, her teacher ordered the fabric, and we found the netting colors we needed here in town. It turned out to be quite the adventure. I made the bodice, basque, and panty from the blue Lycra fabric her teacher ordered. I had never worked with Lycra prior to this. Her teacher wanted me to use boning in the bodice which I had never used before. Sewing layer after layer of netting was new as well. With multiple fittings throughout the entire process, I ended up with a lovely costume that fit Mimi.

Mimi also needed a tiara. What princess doesn't have a tiara? She has two and claims she has a third one somewhere. Of the two, the perfect one was beginning to fall apart. The rhinestone setting was pulling away from the metal headband. My friend who teaches the other kindergarten class has a very handy and inventive husband so I asked her if her husband would take a look at it and maybe figure out how to repair it. He was able to use an epoxy that worked wonderfully.

I've yet to get a picture of her in the costume but last week while she was at the dance studio I took these pictures. This weekend she is dancing at a community event to promote wellness, dance, and her dance studio. Hopefully I'll get some great photos there.

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