Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to Writing

I know I haven't blogged in what seems like forever. I have thought but haven't had the desire or right words to put to "ink". I truly am one of those people that the creative spirit moves. I blow hot or cold. I struggle to push through the stagnant time and persevere.

In my defense I have been busy. Monday, we had the day off for President's Day and I did some much needed cleaning. This weekend was the first weekend where Mimi had one dance session at the studio. It was a long session but only at the studio. The boys only had their guitar lessons and they usually take themselves to that. I had no sewing commitments or deadlines. I felt like I had a long leisurely weekend to myself.

What did I do? After a power nap, I took Mimi to the school play Friday night. She has several close friends in the play. Saturday, Doug and I ran some errands and then I worked on sewing the binding onto my Halloween quilt. The binding is something most quilters do by hand. There is a machine sewing technique but I do like the look of the hand sewn binding best. The binding for this quilt is a bit problematic because it is a black binding on the black backing fabric. With the later afternoon winter light and the artificial evening light; I find it very difficult to sew well by hand. Saturday was a great day to sit by the window, cat curled in my lap on part of the quilt, and watch the Olympics while I sewed. Sunday brought more sewing and some school work. I'm now half finished with the binding. Then I can do the binding for T-man's quilt and move on to quilting a new quilt.

Here is the quilt top after I got it back from the lady who does the quilting for me. She has a huge quilting machine that basically stitches the quilt top to the batting and the back fabric. I choose the thread color and the stitching design. For the Halloween quilt she used black thread and a spider spinning a web for the stitching pattern.

The edges are rough and in the pictures you can see the white fluffy batting sticking out. I trim some of the excess batting and fabric and then begin the process of preparing the binding and attaching it to the sides of the quilt.

Stay tuned! Lots more coming up.

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