Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall- Pumpkin Time

We went to a local farm for pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks, and hay. I enjoy decorating our front yard for fall. A friend at school sent us to this place three years ago. I believe the owners are related to her. The place was clean, simple, and cheap. Over the years they have added animals, picnic tables, and a corn pit (sand pit but with corn kernels). They were hopping today. I've never seen so many people there. In fact we are typically the only ones around.

Every year they have had hay bales arranged as a climbing/ obstacle course. This year the had a tube slide. A couple of years ago they had a flag at the highest point of the stack of hay bales. I took pictures of each kids standing by the flag, king of the mountain. This year the two youngest went and Doug got them side by side. The oldest was prepping for Homecoming. The dance is tonight.

The pumpkin and gourds are so inexpensive that the kids usually pick several for us to take home. All but this year the have had a pile of free pumpkins and gourds. I guess they are the rejects but we like them and tend to take a bunch of freebies.

Last year and this year they have had a turkey walking around the premises. Last year I took numerous picture of the turkey so my school kids could see a good picture of a turkey. I always enjoy petting and talking to the donkey. Today he wasn't very friendly he only wanted to eat hay so I got photographed by the bunny cages. The bunnies loved being petted.

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