Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wrapping Up July

I did get the CD of family pictures finished before Doug left for our nephew's wedding. He was able to take a number of completed CD's with him. Summer school at the high school ended the same week that Doug left. I was in the last two weeks of teaching my online class. I was busily grading the latest papers before Doug left so that I would feel less stress managing the household. It not really the stress, it's my ability to care out a chunk of time to work in peace. I don't do well with little bursts of starts and finishes.

I managed to accomplish one goal, which was to paint the main rooms of the house. After much debate over paint color and multiple trips to the store getting samples, we went with a golden yellow color for the family room and dining/computer room. We painted the hallway a very light yellow that is almost white. The golden yellow goes well with my curtains and couch, yet I'm not sure this is THE color. I was hoping for a darker tone. So days I really like the color and other days I think I need to repaint. Oh well. I was afraid this would happen. I just love the colors I used in the kitchen. It is just what I envisioned. I just had this feeling that the main rooms wouldn't be as easy to decorate.

I had hoped to paint the little girl's room this summer too but I ran out of money (and energy). Maybe next spring. I still need to repaint our master bedroom, bathroom, and family bathroom. I'm debating between a Tiffany Blue and a tan/taupe color for our room. The main bathroom walls need a lot of prep work. I'm not sure what I'll do there. I'm trying to decided whether to cover the yuck with a faux finish or sand down the walls and have more options available. I've done the sanding before and it is such hard and time consuming work.

My second goal was to clean up a CD of research and pictures that I had gather prior to and during Spring Break and goal three was to continue researching my family history. I did make a bit more progress with goal three in August (more about that later). I only had three goals this summer and still didn't accomplish all I hoped for. Although, at the time I made my goals I didn't plan on the Hatch CD or teaching a summer class. ....Tomorrow is another day.

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patty said...

Hello. Hey I like the color of your living room. If it is not what you really want or as dark as you really want then I suggest maybe doing a "focal wall" and choosing just one wall to do in a darker tone of yellow.

I vote tiffany blue for the bedroom (not that I have a vote and not that I have ever seen the room either). I am tired of the tan/taupe stuff.

Oh and tell your boys that Nolan has now entered the rite of passage known as "The original Star Wars" trilogy. He was playing this weekend and calling Mia and Cole over to "the Dark Side" aka Nolan's room. He also informed me that my friend's son Luke was "not the real Luke" and keeps asking me "Where is my light saber?" To which I answer, "You don't have a light saber son."