Saturday, September 1, 2007

Summer Project

I'm back..... I thought I'd fill you in from where I left off in June. When Doug returned from Washington, he brought back a lot of family photos that his father still had. Doug wanted me to scan them and put the images on a CD. Doug was returning for our nephew's wedding in July so he wanted to be able to return the pictures to his siblings at that time.

I got busy scanning those photos, some photos that Doug's dad had given us many years ago, and some photos that one of Doug's sisters loaned us. Approximately 300 photos later I'd say we have a pretty nice product of images that span six or seven generations. I have to thank my youngest boy for sharing his computer with me. I felt so "techo-savy" using two computers at the same time, one to view the images and the other for typing a document to identify the images.

Although it was time consuming and threw off a couple of my other summer project plans (kept me from blogging, too). I really enjoyed going through those photos. I find the clothing, the environment, the objects in the pictures fascinating. I feel like the photos provide a connection to those past lives that can't be compared to anything other than the memories we hold in our heart.

Here I am working. I did paint the living room, computer area, and hall this summer. One of those summer projects on my original list. Like the color?

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