Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good-bye To Summer

Now that we are well into fall, I have given up on the summer chronicles. We end our summer with a trip to FL to visit family and the Orlando tourist spots. We celebrated the twins' birthday. We always miss the birthday parties so it was fun to see the little one play and chase each other and fuss at the pouting big kids.

There was the challenge of putting together the playhouse kitchen. My brother-in-law couldn't get the electric screwdriver to screw the screws into the hard molded plastic. As we struggled by hand to get the screw into the playhouse my brother discovered that the screwdriver was set to rotate backwards not forwards. We USF grads had a good time teasing the brother-in-law that it was understandable that he was a bit backwards since he's an FSU grad.

We had a good time visiting the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Universal Studios. I'm thinking of using one of the pictures for our Christmas card. I've also declared this the Year of The Bulls and we may go with a Bull themed card. I've found what I think will be a super local spot for a photo.

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