Friday, June 8, 2007

School's Out For Summer

Yea! I finished my final day of work Wednesday, June 6th. At our school the students' year ended with a half day on May 29th. The eighth graders finished on Wed. May 23rd. The discrepancy in dates came from snow days. They couldn't change graduation because it would then interfere with the high school graduation, so our oldest group finished quite early.

The local district school system finished Wednesday, June 6th. Daniel's last day was Tuesday, since there were no exams on Wednesday at his high school.

I had staff development days Friday - Wednesday. The good thing is that we were paid extra for the days and the worked kept us busy but not overwhelmed. Now we are all out for the summer.

Doug and I are both teaching summer classes on the Internet. His finishes soon while my class goes to the end of July.

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