Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Job

The oldest managed to get his first job this summer. He was interviewed right after the Memorial Day weekend. I, of course, worry about how he will do working for someone. I guess things are going fine. He has been working for about three weeks now and works a decent number of hours a week. He was given a second work shirt. A good sign. He also received his first paycheck. We had him open a local saving account. He even helped his friend get a job.

He doesn't have a photo id. Permits here don't have photos. We are so lucky that he has a passport because he had to have that or a state id for his job forms and to open a bank account. His boss said he was the first one to ever bring in a passport as id.

We remind him about getting ready for work, but he seems to be conscious of the time as well. He was very responsible when Doug was in WA, going to work early and waiting around for his shift to start because I couldn't get him there right before work started.

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