Monday, May 28, 2007

May and Graduation

I know its been a while. What a month we've had. I thought that graduation and the end of the year would not be a big deal. Boy was I wrong!!! First of all, I with the help of my Teen Club partner, got roped into arranging the 8th grade trip to Six Flags. That was quite the management task and time consuming. We also had to deal with grumbling parents. The kids seemed to have had a great time. I would post picture but my 8th grader forgot to take pictures.

Then I ended up on the parent graduation planning committee. My good friend was the chair so how can you say no to that. This planning committee is basically in charge of the reception, reception decorations, and the student dance afterwards. Myself and another teacher were in charge of the memory boards the students/parents create. This involved borrowing some boards from previous students as examples. Buying and handing out poster board to the students, setting a deadline for the due date of the poster board. Hosting two after school dates for students to decorate their boards and collecting and storing the boards till gym decorating night.

Of course my 8th grade missed the due date. The weekend before graduation we were busily cutting down the huge number of pictures we had and I was trimming and arranging them on the board.

This all happened in the midst of my professional job, teaching CCD, and teaching a night class at the University. Oh yea, and sewing two skirts without a pattern for a dance recital. Attending an all day dance recital and the weekend before attending a piano recital. More about the dance costumes later. Patty, I literally had the breakdown and cried.

Anyway, I am still behind on a few things. I haven't finished the electronic documentation of my college students work (for accreditation purposes). The house is a mess and I just finished report cards for my class. I still need to write personal comments. My goals for the rest of this weekend. Ha, ha. There are still twelve hours left of the weekend!

Oh yea, how could I forget that I was also working on the finishing touches of my brother's birthday DVD that turned out to be a year earlier than planned. I also had to come up with some wild, yet kindergarten appropriate party for my teaching assistant, who has a birthday in May.

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