Monday, May 28, 2007

Earth Day Celebration

Most years a pair of Mallard Ducks comes to our school and nests. This year was no exception. They chose a spot in front of the school in the grass across from the circle drive. The only busier and more dangerous spot would have been the playground, where they have nested before.

The librarian and animal protector of our school called maintenance and they put up temporary fencing around the nesting area to keep people out. You could still view the nesting mom and we'd often see dad bringing food.

With much kindness and consideration on the part of the students the mother successfully hatched fourteen chicks. There was a debate about moving the crew to a safer place where they could easily find water without crossing some busy streets. Finally it was decided to just let nature take it course. I don't know where they went or if they successfully found water, but I'm hopeful. Obviously these ducks have a history of survival since they or their offspring keep coming back to school year after year.

I was able to capture them in film for my class. Aren't they adorable.

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