Saturday, April 28, 2007

We had our Jr. Gamma Phi Circus on the 13th and 14th. The kids performed again. Angelique danced and Timothy roller bladed, performed on the gym wheel, and the balancing activities. Timothy also worked as the circus crew.

Now we are getting ready for Angelique's piano recital and her dance student concert. Timothy has started his first week of baseball practice. Daniel has applied for one job and is somewhat interested in applying for others.


PATTY said...

What does "somewhat" interested mean? What kind of job is he looking for? We got orders to pull in our un-a/c whse in the florida summer.

I need a babysitter too from end of July to end of August- he and Nolan should get along just fine they can sit side by side on the computer like frogs on a stick and play games all day. Free room and board - weekends off.

Homerun Hatch Family News said...

He applied to be a dishwasher at Alexander's (a restaurant). He claims to know people who work there. He won't apply at McDonald's though. Angelique wants him to so he can get her toys.

The jobs you have sounds good. Can I mail him to you like Flat Stanley.

patty said...

Daniel washes dishes too! He is hired.

Sorry, no flat Daniels for Nolan - he requires slightly more supervision than that.

Too bad he is so far away or else I think that would be a great solution for both of us.

Cathy said...

" frogs on a stick..." Oh, man. Too funny.