Sunday, April 15, 2007

What A Beautiful Yard

Here is our finished yard. On Friday the landscapers brought our trees, plants, and sod. Isn't it lovely? Doug called me at work to come and see it. After an after school meeting, driving to dance, leaving one at school for circus; I was finally able to drive home and see the landscapers put the finishing touches on the yard.

What a stir we have created. One man driving down the street stopped his car and told Doug how much he liked the yard. Our neighbor in the two-story came by and talked with Doug for 10 minutes. Doug said that was the most conversation they have had in the past five years. Our walking mailman was at the circus and commented on the yard. I'm sure he's glad that he doesn't have to step precariously through the sinking uneven yard.

Now on to the next home repair project.


Cathy said...

Wow, Agge! The yard looks really nice. What kind of trees are those near the road? Are they going to stay that size or grow together into a hedge?

Homerun Hatch Family News said...

The three trees closest to the driveway are blue spruce and the other two are white firs.

I think that they will be about 12 feet when full grown. They'll grow together some and give us a bit more filtered privacy.

Patty said...

Your yard looks great! Of course I did not see the before pictures.

Maybe when my kids are grown I will have a nice yard too!

At least (with Dad and Cathy's help) we now have our back yard fenced.