Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Way

Last year I rambled on about Shel Silverstein and a song that I found because of the research I did on his life. In that post I mentioned that I was still trying to figure out the name/lyrics of a song I really liked when we lived in GA. I heard that very song during a quilting class!

During September and October I took a quilting class from the Jr. College's community education program. The class was held at one of the local high schools. We were using their home economic room. Anyway our teacher had told the night custodian that he could leave his music on while we had class; that it wouldn't disturb us.

About mid-October I had stayed late to get specific directions for piecing the backing material of my quilt. As the teacher and I were looking at the quilt top and backing material, discussing options, and sketching a plan; I heard this familiar tune. I thought, " Oh my, that's the song I've hunted for for years!" The teacher and I were in the middle of this discussion/plan and I couldn't fully hear the song and was working hard to stay focused on the teacher.

When we finished of course the song was over. I wondered what to do. I was so close to discovering the name and artist of this song and the opportunity had slipped by. I decided to walk down the hall and see if I could find the custodian. I knew the song came from the radio station he listened to. He popped out of one of the room as I had just taken a few steps down the long hallway. I asked him what station he listened to. He seemed pleased that I enjoyed the music and asked if I had liked listening to the station. He told me that he listened to two stations and gave me the call numbers for the stations and identified the station that had been on at the time I heard my song.

It was my hope that by listening to the station they would once again play the song. I immediately tuned the van radio to that station and began listening. Now the problem is that I'm not in the van all that much to hear the radio. A week went by and then someone changed the station in the van. @#&#!! Of course, I couldn't quite remember the call numbers but knew the name of the main DJ show. In the process of trying to find the station again I did find a newish song (country of all things) that I like and would have kindergarten slide show potential. Not all was lost and I did eventually find the station.

At the end of October we took two of the kids to the mall, in the evening during the school week, to get some pants. They didn't have any good pants that fit. Poor babies! On the way to the mall the song came on. I grabbed Doug's arm and said, " That's it, that's the song!" I grabbed a slip of paper from my purse and a pen and began writing as much of the lyrics as I could. After shopping I came home and began googling the words, "they didn't even know the way..." The song the way popped up by Fastball. You-Tube had the video and my song was found. YEA!!! No more haunting songs at least I don't think so...

The Way by Fastball- YouTube Video Liknk

Sometimes the memory of something makes it grander than it is. I have to say that I am thrilled with this song. The beat, melody, and lyrics are as great as I remembered. I do have to say that the the artist's inspiration story is sad if not disturbing to me. I am always interested in where artists get their inspiration and what things are inspiring. I have decided not to dwell on the story that inspired Tony Scalzo and just focus on my own perceptions of the song. No emotional pain there.

P.S. I heard the song again today while shopping at the grocery store. I think I did a little dance but quickly regained my composure so as not to embarrass my husband.

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