Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some Funnies About Me

I'm always telling stories about others. Here are some of mine. One of the many nice things at our school is that most of the teachers have an office in their classroom with a phone. I guess some of you need some background information about my position. I have a wonderfully crazy teaching assistant that I am so grateful to work with. We joke that we spend more time with each other than we do with our spouses.

One day our classroom phone was ringing and I was close to the office so I grabbed the phone. I answer, "Kindergarten room, Mrs. N. speaking". (Duh, I'm not Mrs. N. I'm Ms. Hatch)

As soon as the last sounds leave my mouth, I realize that I goofed. Ever the optimist, I'm thinking/praying that the person on the other end is a stranger and does not know that I'm not Mrs. N.

Well the other person at the end is strangely silent. I'm think that they realize Mrs. N's voice had changed and maybe they are thinking they called the wrong number. NOT!

After the pregnant pause, I finally hear this man say, "Really?!" It's my husband on the other end.

Of course I had to tell Mrs. N the story. One more thing for her to blackmail me with. Both our spouses said we spend too much time together.

Second story:
During Lent I enjoy playing my Easter music. This is comprised of the Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar CDs. When I'm driving the van I like to play these CDs. Well every school morning the oldest drives us to school. He plays his CDs and pops mine out. Then when he get to his school, I take over the van pop out his CDs and either put mine back in or listen to the radio.

So after a particularly long day Doug and I headed out to the grocery store with our girl to do the family shopping. My feet were killing me and I was dog tired. I'm drooping and dragging as we wrap up shopping, pay, load the groceries in the van to go home. I'm the last to get in the van and shut the door. Doug has already started the van. I lean my head back against the headrest, snuggle into my coat, listening to the music coming from the car stereo and say "Wow this sounds like Jesus Christ Superstar." Now I'm thinking the radio station is playing this music.

Well the girl leans forward in her seat making eye contact with me and Doug turns his head and stares at me. They both say, "Yea?!" I'm like that great [meaning the radio station is playing this type of music]. They are still looking at me like I'm crazy and Doug finally says, "It should [sound like Jesus Christ Superstar] it's your CD.

So those are my stories for the month.


Cathy said...

Oh that first story is really good. Here's one that happened to a friend of mine recently. She drove to Walmart in her son's truck, stayed so long that he got tired of waiting. He drove to Walmart in her van and switched vehicles. She came out of the store and walked up to the van and didn't realize she'd been switched.

Homerun Hatch Family News said...

That's good.