Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mostly Quiet Here

Thankfully we haven't had anything new or exciting here to report. We go to school, take the girl to dance, she and the baby boy do circus, go to church, work, and repeat the cycle.

We did have a few weeks of illnesses. The baby boy missed a couple a days of school in January which is unheard of for him (really for any of the kids). He hasn't missed school in literally years. He ended up at the doctor's with a respiratory infection and had to have some prescription meds. One of his friends had walking pneumonia and of course my baby was convinced that he was misdiagnosed and had it too.

The girl had an ear infection and was able to be given meds. I was surprised because so many of my students are no longer being given antibiotics for ear infections. The doctors want to wait and see if it clears up or get worse. She hasn't had an ear infection since she had tubes put in her ears when she was a baby.

All five of us were sick in February with a bad cold. Again that is unheard of in our family. I can't remember a time when we have all been sick at the same time.

I continued with the cold until I got the fever to go with it and missed a day of school myself. Then this past week the girl got sick at school and had to come home.

We now have a few sniffles, occasional cough, and a bit of hoarse voices. But we are feeling much better. My neighbor blames the crazy weather we have had on the illnesses. He says if it wasn't for their trips to the doctors, they would have any fun (they are retired).

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