Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Day

Yea! The big day arrived. We actually slept in until 8:30. An unheard of feat for Christmas Day. I think I heard the youngest son up and around earlier. More amazing is that the big boy was entering the family room as I was. He always in bed until much later in the morning when there is no school. he still has the Christmas spirit.

Santa brought the kids a wii game system. Doug and I had search all summer with the hopes of buying one and saving it until Christmas. Even my hairdresser was giving us tips for finding one. Right before Thanksgiving she told us to go to Game Stop the day after. She knew that they were selling 12 the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday). We headed there at 5:00 in the morning and waited in line outside in the freezing cold. We ended up being the 13 or 14 person, no wii.

We are so thankful that a beautiful elf heard our sad tale and was able to get Santa to deliver one on Christmas Day. The oldest who is not impressed by much these days couldn't believe that Santa brought them a wii. Considering their naught and nice record, I'm amazed too. It was a fun day of guitar hero and wii bowling.

We had great fun opening presents. It was was too civilized and quiet. Usually there are nine adults, nine children, a dog, and a cat or two on Christmas Day. It's loud boisterous and crowded as we all cram into the living room. We are trying to convince some of the younger to keep opening presents and others are yelling that they need more presents to open. And there's the what did you get? Who gave that to you? Did you open my present yet?

The kids liked their gifts. Wondered about what their cousins were doing. And there was the is this it? Not that they didn't get enough presents but that with only five people it doesn't take very long to open and share gifts. Gifts were clothes (for the girls), games(both electronic and not), books, cowboy hat, CDs, DVD, good smelling stuff, toiletries bag, passport pouch, gift cards and watches.

The oldest got a guitar hero for play station and so did the girlfriend. He went to her house later in the day and took his guitar hero. It must have been dueling guitars (better them than us). And wii took over the wii.

We had another great dinner. Free range smoked turkey. Yumm!!! The youngest son says that next year we need to take a turkey to FL.

The little one and I ended the night playing the game of LIFE. My how the game has changed. She has this electronic thing that keeps score and you use a credit card to input your info. It controls the spins and tell you how many places to move. Too cool.

I was given a new Nikon camera from Doug. YEA!! This is the first saved picture form the new camera. I think that the camera is his present too. He certainly enjoyed using it in Galena after the holidays and he never liked using my small digital camera.

We are so thankful for all we have and for all we received. It was a great day, different from the years before, and yet still a day of family, wonder, and happiness. I thought that I would be sad, that we would have difficulty making this our Christmas. I was sad the last week of school knowing that we weren't making all those preparations to travel and knowing that that meant we wouldn't be in FL for Christmas. I think our active faith and our rich family traditions (from both sides of our family) made this year special too.

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