Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back From Costa Rica

The traveler arrived home safe, sound, and full of stories. He talked for hours about his experiences. We loaded his pictures on the computer and he regaled us with the adventures of his trip. This is the only photo of him (other than the two he took of himself sitting on a bed). He is at Drake Bay sitting in a round stone structure they call look out point. He captured an amazing number of animals. There are pictures of spider monkeys, green poison dart frogs, red poison dart frogs, a spider, butterfly, iguana, sloth, Quetzal Bird, Caracara, Black Vulture, Black Hawk, crocodile, and Leaf Cutter Ants. The places they visited are just stunning, what a tropical paradise.

Drake Bay by day. This is one of my favorites. The shades of green on the roof of the hut (to the far left) is dazzling. It seems like the calm before the storm has just been captured. The lighting makes everything so sharp and intense. There is a clarity that you don't get in any other type of light. To the far right is the edge of the Lookout Point where the oldest was photographed.


Cathy said...

Hey. that really is a great picture of the ship in the bay. You should look at one of those online photo album sites to post his pics.
http://www.myphotoalbum.com is free.

Homerun Hatch Family News said...

Thanks. I'll look into that. I'm going to get him a picture frame so he display some of his favorites and Wlagreen's now makes a poster collage.