Thursday, September 20, 2012

Your Gift

Today I felt your hands gently cup my face. Your lips lightly brushed the edges of mine and for one brief moment I looked into your face, saw the twinkle in your eyes and that “life is good” smile upon your face. I not so much heard, but ever so faintly felt the tenor and resonance of your voice.

My frenzied stress filled mind cleared and I smiled back. For a moment life felt so simple and yes, good. All too abruptly I remembered that you aren’t living among us anymore. The bubble burst. Sadness crept back in.

In the weighty midst of reality I thought, “What good was this remarkable journey that you made, if stress, tension, and sadness overflowed.” I’ve chosen to embrace the gift of your visit. Peace and simplicity dominate this night.


marciamayo said...

And the visit served its purpose. Beautifully written.

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