Thursday, August 5, 2010

So Much To Say

I have so much to say about this summer that I am going to try to post something every couple of days covering all the things I haven't blogged about from June to August. I began writing myself little notes about things to remember to blog about.

I have all kinds of little post-its and cute paper with little notes to myself. I simply love office supplies. Pens and fancy papers are the best. I can spend hours just wandering around an office supply store. When I was in my doctoral program I carpooled with three other women. One night we got out of class early and convinced our Jr. Service League (have to have lived in the South to properly understand this descriptor) buddy to take us to Office Depot. We did not have any office supply stores in the small south GA town in which we lived. My other friend and I wandered around looking at and talked about products and such. (The fourth member of the group didn't go to class with us that night.) At one point in time we sat in the office chairs they were selling and kicked back for a conversation. Our disgusted Jr. Service League buddy found us engrossed in conversation while trying out office chairs, dragged us out of the store, and swore that next time she was taking us to the mall to shop for shoes.

To return to my story: The bad thing is that I sometimes misplace these notes I write and those important items get lost. Often when I can't stand the mess in my purse I'll pull everything out and reorganize my purse. Then I'll find a note that I wrote to myself. I'll read it and stuff it back in my purse. Currently I have four, no make that five, such notes sitting around my computer desk as reminders of things to do, books I've ordered for school, phone numbers that go in my phone, blogging topics, etc.

Sometimes a note will have a phone number on it or a date sprawled in the corner. I then have to search my brain to remember who's number I wrote down and why I wrote it. Then I'll see a date and think I hope I did whatever I was suppose to do on that date. I don't know why I don't put these things in my phone and electronic calendar. For me there is just something comforting about having pieces of paper, something tangible to hold on to.

Is writing notes to yourself the same as talking to yourself? I suppose it's a moot point since I talk to myself as well. I even talk to my computer.

So check out my August posts as I hope to blog frequently. I may even blog more than once in a given day. If you don't check out my posts then I'm now blogging to myself as well as all the above. So what does that say????

I'll leave you with this quote from one of my favorite websites: "Blogging: Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few."

P.S. Make that ten notes. I found a stack under the CD cover I'm suppose to scan for my husband.


marciamayo said...

Aggie, you definitely aren't blogging to yourself. However, I'm finding that writing down my worries, my thoughts, etc, helps me to figure out what I believe. It's almost like I don't think unless I write. Those who know me would probably say I don't think at all. I loved the story of you and your cohorts sitting in the chairs for sale at Office Depot.

Homerun Hatch Family News said...

Thanks Marcia!! Blogging has become a great way to share the Gonzalez Hatch life with my family that live all over the U.S.