Monday, April 12, 2010

Dreams Part II

In the past few weeks I have had two dreams with the theme of vacation. In the first dream my family and I were on vacation with Rick Springfield (actor/musician). We were in some dusty rugged town much as I would imagine one of the Dakotas. We were staying in a motel. The one story type that you can drive right up to the front door. Rick Springfield was like our personal tour guide, taking us to different sites. I remember that I could never find my camera to take pictures. At one point Rick turns to me and asks when I'm going to take a picture of all of us together. Then, next in my dream, I've got the doors of the van open and I'm crawling around inside the van looking under the seats for my camera. At this point I wake up.

Last week I dream I am on vacation. I'm staying at the house of two men. In my dream I guess I know them, whatever. Anyway their cat is pregnant and they tell me that their cat is going to have puppies. (Didn't know that was possible.) Sometime during the vacation the cat goes into labor. I'm watching her while she is in labor and one of the guys sees that she is in labor and get mad at me because I didn't tell him so he could rush her to the vet's office. So the two guys leave me at the house and rush off to take the cat to the vet. What do I do? I wash the dishes. Once again I wake up.

Crazy huh? I just need a Chevy Chase dream to finish the dream series off.

By the way, It is "Ii" week in kindergarten this week. We were brainstorming lists of words that start with "Ii" and those that have the short i sound in the middle. One of my boys says Italy starts with "Ii". I said, "Oh Italy. I love Italy. I hope to go to Italy one day." This little boy says, "I'll take you Ms Hatch." So maybe I'll take a real vacation to Italy with an exuberant, red-headed, kindergartner.

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