Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

We started New Year's Eve sledding with our FL nieces at a park near our house. I have a lower right side backache as my sledding reward. They girls got the chance to experience a goodly amount of snow (2-3 inches) and below freezing temperatures. I think they prefer FL.

Then Doug and I spent some time taking photos of our church's renovation in the lovely pre-dusk light. I've been chronicling in photos and sometimes in text the destruction, construction, and renovation of the church since June. This week they began installing the steel framing of the new narthex of the church.

We are celebrating the East Coast New Year. I love the Dick Clark Rock'n New Year's Eve. For the first few years here, I always waited till Central Time to tune into the TV and celebrate the new year. By midnight here it was all over in NY. Now I remember.

The bonus is that I can go to bed at any point now. Although my kids stay up till midnight Central Time, I sleep peacefully having celebrated Eastern Time.

I know I've said this before, but I always think of my grandmother on New Year's Eve. She would say how the new year finds you is how you'll be all year long. Well this year my house isn't perfectly clean. Although cleaner than it was several days ago. I did put closure to several projects, so here is hoping that I finish what I start.

Only my baby girl is home with us. She's determined to stay up while we go to bed. The oldest has been at a friend's house and is spending the night. My baby boy is in Costa Rica. I guess the new year is reflecting things to come with my babies leaving the nest or spending more time away from the nest.

Here's toasting that you have a fabulous year in 2010!!

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