Monday, August 10, 2009

Graduation Party

As most of you know, my oldest, Dugger, graduated from high school on May 30th. Graduation was the day after final exams and one day after my school ended. It was a hurried but exciting day for us. We decided to have a graduation party in July as a graduation heading off to college party. It would afford us a little more time to get organized and allow for Dugger to go to his friend's parties without those parties conflicting.

We rented the local pool for an after hours party and July should provide hot weather and generate interest in cooling off. When the date arrived it came with a week of record low temperatures and overcast weather. Doug wore his sweatshirt the whole time. The great thing was that the pool was heated and felt great. We still managed to have fun and celebrate Dugger's accomplishment. Dugger had a couple of friends that he's had since we moved here, his sixth grade year, come to the party. Even though they went to different high schools they've stayed in touch.

The other two kids invited a few friends to keep them company and celebrate too.

Now Dugger is getting ready for his first semester of college. He is registered, has his college t-shirt, and id. We have ordered books. Now he needs a pert-time job.

Here is one last photo. This is a favorite of mine that was taken at one of the numerous senior event the last month of school.

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