Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is it spring yet?

Last week we had some very nice weather by our standards at least, with temperatures in the 40's. In fact, Saturday the 7th, I headed out in search of a car wash. I resisted last year's temptation of washing the van myself. On Sunday we went to a car wash service and waited in line to get the van washed. We paid $16.00 but it was worth not slipping and sliding on the driveway washing it myself.

I can't always think of too many things that I liked better in GA, but I have to say that the car wash service they had was much superior to this one. The group in GA cleaned our van well and for about the same price. The group here left dirty spots on the back of the van and wet drippy spots too.

Anyway, back to the great weather. We had rain/thunderstorm mid-week and had almost an inch of rain. I was thankful for the rain because one inch of rain is equal to ten inches of snow. We have had many a February snow storm with school being canceled. The Valentine's weekend was to bring snow flurries. I was concerned because Mimi and I were headed to Chicago for a dance competition and I was not eager to drive in bad weather on unfamiliar roads.

In Chicago we ended up with a few flurries. The Hollywood snow, as I call it, medium size flakes fluttering around the sky with a light powdered sugar dusting on the ground. It was mild enough to walk with an open coat and no need to bundle up in extra clothing. I think at home where the guys were that had about one inch of snow. When Mimi and I arrived home in the late hours of Saturday the snow was off the roads and almost gone from the yards.

Today we are back to the rain and I am ditching my red wool winter pea coat in favor of my salmon rain coat. No gloves or hat required, maybe an umbrella though.

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