Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day 2- New Floor

The workers came bright and early. They removed the lower cabinets, stove, broken dishwasher, sink, baseboards, and began working on the floor. They were going to remove all but the last layer of flooring from the kitchen. We had three layers.

The top layer was a whitish vinyl with a small tile-like pattern. This was what we were use to. The middle layer looked like a red brick vinyl floor. The last layer was an off white speckled with gold flecks vinyl floor. Most of this floor stayed. There is an area near the middle of the room where under the house the ground meets the basement. This area was not level so the off-white speckled floor was removed form that section.

A leveling compound was poured on the floor as the prep work for the tiles.

This picture was taken from the top of the basement stairs. All the appliances and lower cabinets are gone.

This picture was taken from the dining room into the kitchen. Luckily at this stage we were still able to get into the kitchen to go into the basement and even go into the garage. We were cut off from the sliding glass door and the backyard.

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