Saturday, December 22, 2007

Is It Christmas Yet??

I can't believe that it is the 22nd of December and I still haven't finished shopping, wrapping, or mailed all of our Christmas cards. I can't remember being so behind at Christmas time. I even took a day off from work early in the month.

I had an early morning doctor's appointment. I shopped and mailed packages the rest of that day. We had an ice storm that weekend and my appoint was first thing Monday morning. Our local schools were not canceled much to my oldest's chagrin, but the roads were quite slick and messy with clumps of snow scattered throughout the roads. Anyway the nurse was telling me that there had been a lot of canceled appointment and that I could call the Women's Centre and probably get my mamagram done that day. I'm thinking are you crazy! I'm not wasting the rest of my day on that. Sounds like another day off to me.

Today I went shopping by myself for a few items. Later Doug and I have a few more to get. I plan on starting some holiday baking. The crew has requested extra batches of Russian Tea Cakes and I'm going to make Sausage Balls and maybe Banana Bread. I have blackberries for pie, too.

Here are some pictures of the interior of the house. I forget that most of you have never seen our place.

This is my baby boy's permanent perch. He has taken over the coffee table we purchased this fall.

This is also the family room taken from the dining room that we use as a study/computer room. To the left is the couch.

This is my perch. The study/dining room. I do occasionally have to fight the cat for the chair.

This one is for you sis. This is the beginning of my photo collection. I have my favorite pictures of the grands printed. I just need to decide on frames for them. This wall is where the computer is located.

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