Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Season of The Bulls

This has sure been a great football season for us. Here are some highlights.

September 8th- Beat Auburn at Auburn.

September 22nd- ranked 23rd in the nation. First time to ever be ranked.

September 25- Play West Virgina at a sold out Raymond James Stadium. First ever sell out game. Beat West Virginia.

October 7th- Bulls move up to #5 in AP Poll.

October 13th- Bull beat UCF in with second sell out crowd. Longest undefeated season run 6-0.

October 14th- Bulls #2 in BCS rankings.

November 24th- First win in temperatures below 45 degrees (Although some disagree when you factor in wind chill.) Ended the season 9-3. Ranked 25th in the AP poll and 20th in the BCS poll.

We are waiting for that bowl invitation!!

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